Wholesome New Year!

Bicycle View lo resWell I have just thoroughly enjoyed watching the Rose Parade today again.

I never was a big fan of the Rose Parade while I lived in Southern California. But, I miss my home. Terribly. So I started watching this iconic New Year’s Day offering to get some glimpses of palm trees and Pasadena scenery.

But even if I didn’t miss SoCal, I’ve grown to appreciate the Rose Parade as inspiring, creative and interesting. The floats are truly magnificent works of genius in vegetation execution.

But the Rose Parade is so much more. It is heartwarming! I doubt there was a dry eye as the “Canines with Courage” float rolled up carrying a US soldier directly from Afghanistan for a surprise homecoming with his wife and young son. This same wonderful float conveyed a loyal German Shepherd who had recently lost his paw in service to our country.

The Rose Parade is exciting! My heart thrilled ~ even as watching from my home ~ as the stirring Korean War memorial float glided down the route timed to precision with a B2 flyover.

The Rose Parade is inspiring! The “Jesus, the Way to Heaven” float was not only breathtaking but expectant in its beautiful glimpse of heaven for believers in Christ. Also delightfully uplifting was the “A Child’s Magic Carpet Ride” float, built by the altruistic Kiwanis and carrying Miss Wheelchair of California.

The Rose Parade is fun! Who could help but chuckle when viewing Trader Joe’s “Recipe for Adventure” float, a cleverly constructed ship floating atop a sea of fresh fruits and veggies and utilizing kitchen utensils for the ship’s masts, platforms and propellers.

The Rose Parade is nostalgic! Lots of excellent worldwide school marching bands and more horses and costumed riders than at a rodeo. The atmosphere hearkens back to a more wholesome era and you get the impression you just might see good ol’ Ronnie Reagan saddled up alongside Roy Rogers. Themes range from sweet and fun to patriotic and the clothing is generally modest. Nice. Real nice.

In this day of removing nativity displays from public property, anti-American sentiment, over-exposed celebrities and exceedingly sub-par entertainment it’s both a blessing and a miracle that the Rose Parade has survived. So, thank you, Lord, for a great start to a New Year!


About lisasalan

I am a watercolor artist that loves to dabble in other media and materials. I particularly love rendering God’s amazing creation, be it animals, flowers, autumn leaves or landscapes. My website is FaithfulFriendsArt.com. Among my Faithful Friends are my wonderful husband and precious daughter, two darling dogs and a beloved Persian kitty. And, of course, my most True and Faithful Friend is my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. Please visit FaithfulFriendsArt.com.
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2 Responses to Wholesome New Year!

  1. Lisa, I thought of you instantly when the Cat in the Hat float rolled by, as well as the other references to Dr. Seuss in the parade. I felt the same about the surprise soldier, but also with the surprise wedding on one of the floats. Being the nerd that I am, I love marching bands and parades in general.

    • lisasalan says:

      Yes, how could I have forgotten to mention the Cat in the Hat float! Capital F-U-N! Glad you enjoyed the parade, too! I have to admit, I used to love going even to the hokey local parade our little community held every 4th of July!

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