Lost & Found

A short while back our little blind Pomeranian went missing.

When I let him out that morning I knew he hadn’t eaten yet and would normally be back on the porch as soon as he could, quietly barking to be let in for breakfast so I didn’t watch him.

I had a lot on my mind…we had three ill family members, one of whom was undergoing surgery at that very moment to have a feeding tube placed in her stomach; other “issues” loomed heavy and I got lost in my prayers. In fact, I had completely, irresponsibly forgotten  our precious little “Honey Bunch,” aka Mr. Fluffy.

Sometime ~ about 1/2 an hour later ~ it finally dawned on me that he was gone. I frantically ran out of the house, calling for him. As I silently prayed a neighbor approached me who just happened to see a woman driving around with our little dog in the back seat not long before.

Thanking her and thanking God, I ran inside to get my car keys. I drove not more than 50 yards from our cul-de-sac before I found the “Good Samaritan.” She had our precious ~ and oblivious, I might add ~ little dog, and she wanted nothing in return, just so happy to see our buddy back in the arms of someone who loved him and going home.

And, aren’t our lives much the same as Honey Bunch’s “adventure?” On a daily basis, we go about our business, blind as Mr. Magoo to the near misses and almost tragedies that God graciously, lovingly protects us from on a moment-by-moment basis. But on a grander scale, each and every soul is blind, dead in sin and unable to do anything about the danger that awaits in Hell until redeemed by a Savior, who expects no payment or reward for His indescribable rescue, just wanting to envelop us in His love and for us to follow Him home.

The only difference in our case is a choice…our little dog didn’t exactly choose to be saved that day, but we human creatures can all choose eternal life by choosing Christ Jesus.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
I once
was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.

AMAZING GRACE by John Newton, former slave trader

All artwork displayed is under copyright, and is available in print & poster formats. Please comment here to order. To see other artwork by this writer, please visitwww.FaithfulFriendsArt.com


About lisasalan

I am a watercolor artist that loves to dabble in other media and materials. I particularly love rendering God’s amazing creation, be it animals, flowers, autumn leaves or landscapes. My website is FaithfulFriendsArt.com. Among my Faithful Friends are my wonderful husband and precious daughter, two darling dogs and a beloved Persian kitty. And, of course, my most True and Faithful Friend is my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. Please visit FaithfulFriendsArt.com.
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