Be Still

“Be still and know that I am God.”  Psalm 46:10  Sometimes we just need to remember this, and heed the advice therein.

There I was, lying flat on my back on the dining room floor. My head had just hit, right after my lower torso and shoulder settled there. I must surely be hurt, I thought, since I had tumbled all the way down the hardwood stairs, twisted a 180, and finally landed on my back only moments before.

Only a minute or so prior I had been half awake as I went in to check on my daughter on the way to the bathroom. Somehow, I had by-passed the bathroom door frame and taken the stairs instead.

As I lay on the floor, my next (ludicrous) thought was how thankful I was that I had mopped the floor the day before, since a few days ago our little dog had been rather “ill” in the same spot I now occupied. All at once, I realized I wasn’t hurt, merely out of breath and a little shaken…no broken bones, no fractures, no blood. How thankful I was to God! I knew instantly the twisting acrobatics I performed on my way down, from a forward pitch to a backward fall had been His doing; His grace saving me from a broken nose, or a fractured wrist in attempts to break a forward fall.

I needed a few minutes to “catch my breath” so I just stayed put, thinking how God had let me know He was still there, still listening to my prayers, still taking care of me. Only hours before I had foolishly succumbed to lies of the enemy, causing my anguished soul to lose all manner of hope. And now, here I was, being still and knowing, without a doubt, that God was indeed Lord of my life, and always would be.

“Know that the Lord is God. It is He who made us, and we are His; we are His people, the sheep of his pasture. “ Psalm 100:3

All artwork displayed is under copyright, and is available in print & poster formats. Please comment here to order. To see other artwork by this writer, please visit 


About lisasalan

I am a watercolor artist that loves to dabble in other media and materials. I particularly love rendering God’s amazing creation, be it animals, flowers, autumn leaves or landscapes. My website is Among my Faithful Friends are my wonderful husband and precious daughter, two darling dogs and a beloved Persian kitty. And, of course, my most True and Faithful Friend is my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. Please visit
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3 Responses to Be Still

  1. chazdesimone says:

    Whoa, Lisa! You are on a roll (or row). Are we trying to match the output of each AmPoster (new word) to each watercolor? Your concept in this one is outstanding.

    • lisasalan says:

      Well, thank you, Chaz! No, I am not trying to out-do you. (I couldn’t if I wanted to since your designs are completely unique!) The storm concept ~ which many other artists have covered ~ was rolling around in my head for about a week until I started it last night. I guess you noticed the cross in the mast…that idea was a gift from the Lord.

  2. chazdesimone says:

    I did not perceive the cross in the mast until you mentioned it. I was engrossed in the realistic water effect. Love “hidden” elements. (Hidden crosses and hidden Mickeys, you know.)

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